Just watched the latest episode of Shadowhunters and thought I’d start a new thing where I share my thoughts on each episode, so here it goes!

First thing is that this episode was much better than the last few, as there was much more emotional and bookish moments. I really loved the way in which the episode arced as it seemed to flow better than last weeks episode, which seemed to be more flashes than a true story.

We start this episode with Clary visiting the City of Bones to visit Jace, and the way in which they designed it just seemed really similar to the way I envisioned it from the book -dark and creepy. Their relationship is very well acted in this episode and how they are struggling to cope with their feelings for each other reflects those within the books which is great!

Next is the part where we find out a demon is possessing people and using them to kill people. I loved the part where Alec and Isabelle took Clary with them and the way Alec said ‘Fray with me’ like it was just well written and showed how Alec and Clary’s relationship developed so far. The acting between them is the best as you can tell they get on as actors, playing off eachother and the joking way they hate eachother. Clary is finally becoming her badass self and embracing the fact she is a shadowhunter.

Despite these good things I still feel some parts weren’t true to the book world. For instance the way in which Lydia was attacked. I know demons are meant to be really strong but I feel she would’ve put up more of a fight than just to get beaten really quickly. Another obvious thing is the way in which Jocelyn was killed! WHAT!? NO! THAT’S NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN! I was not expecting it. I get the writers are trying to be different from the books, but I don’t see how they are going to develop some of the things that happen with Jocelyn later in the story. It will be interesting to see if she does come back or how they do it without her. Especially how Clary and Luke will deal with this loss in the next episode.

I also didn’t like the way in which Aldertree tortured Raphael, like it didn’t seem like a shadowhunter thing to do. I’ve heard some theories that Aldertree might be Sebastian and I really hope that’s not true because I think it’d be too similar to last season and too predictable. Hopefully it’s just meant to move us of course and something more shocking will come. Also the scene where Jace is being questioned with the sword, I felt like it wasn’t relevant to why he was in the City of Bones. Aldertree mentions how he knows about Jace’s falcon and what his father taught him which is making me think maybe it is Sebastian.

The ending scene was shot so well! The way in which Clary just comes in all ready and badass, killing the demon for her mum and herself was done very well. I think her vulnerability afterwards was portrayed very well by Kat McNamara. She just captures the devastation and realisation of Clary about her mother and how she had not actually let herself process what had happened. I think it will be interesting to see where her relationship with Alec goes from here.

Looking forward to how the next episode will develop and where the story will go from here. Comment below on your thoughts and theories would love to hear them!

Star rating – 3/5

Favourite character of the episode – Clary

Favourite scene – ending scene

Favourite line – ‘Bring it on scarface’ – Simon.