Finally managed to catch up with Shadowhunters! Apologies for the rushed reviews but my workload seems to be piling up.

Episode 5

This was such a touching and great episode to watch. The acting was great and the grief that Clary particularly went through was very emotional to watch. The way in which the writers incorporated the three different stories was very well transitioned, unlike other previous episodes.

A great scene was the training scene with Izzy and Jace, it was just well written and I loved the arrogance of Jace’s character shinning through, seen in the books. They were both really great in that scene and you can tell the actors are becoming more comfortable in their roles. I felt that the relationships of each of the characters was just amazingly real and reflected from the books.

One scene that I just couldn’t handle was when Aldertree gave Izzy Yin fen. I just couldn’t! Having read the Infernal Devices I know that Yin fen is never the right solution and I just can’t believe the writers made Izzy take it! It’s gonna be hard to have to watch her handle the side effects, and be interesting to see why the writers added that particular part to the story. Obviously the previous episode shows they are alternating from the path of the books and I’m excited and worried to see where they will go with this. It’s kinda making me think that Aldertree is gonna be Sebastian and I don’t like it!

I’m really glad that they didn’t make Jocelyn come back from the dead, as I felt that it would’ve been a ridiculous part, as Clary wouldn’t have gone through with it and so when she said no it’s not worth it, I saw the real Clary. I also really enjoyed the part where she drew that sunlight rune on her hand to kill the creepy demon, as it’s starting the path of her discovering her amazing and unique abilities. Looking forward to how these develop.

Star rating – 3.5/5

Favourite character of the episode – Clary

Favourite scene – ending scene

Favourite line – ‘Have you joined a cult again?’

Episode 6

This episode was okay but I felt some things that happened were a little unnecessary.

The good things about the episode was those Malec scenes! It was just so adorable to see them on their first date and when Magnus said he had 17,000 exs! I was just like oh no, awkward ex talk, and I felt Magnus probably wouldn’t have told Alec that knowing how he’s never really been in a relationship. Alec is just an adorable character and I really loved the development in his relationship with Magnus. I also liked the way Simon and Maia’s relationship started as it felt really true to the books and that they have a lot in common due to their suffering because of what they are. The stories of Simon and Clary when they were little was just cute. And when Simon stood in front of Luke, saying how he taught him to shave and how Clary had a marshmallow in her hair and had to cut it out was just so touching and very well written!

I wasn’t sure how to feel about the introduction of the Iron sisters. I felt some of the scenes were too forced and therefore they lost their effect. When Clary and Izzy walked up to the gate to the iron sisters citadel, I was just reminded of wolverines claws and couldn’t get the image out of my head. I still hate the fact Izzy is taking Yin fen and just know that it’s gonna put her in horrible situations and am wondering what will come of it but I am glad that she didn’t sell out Clary to Aldertree in the end. I have a feeling though that Aldertree is going to use the Yin fen to get manipulate Izzy.

The ending seemed rather random as well, as I didn’t really understand why Luke’s sister was suddenly betraying the Iron sisters, I know she was part of the circle and so was it possibly her waiting for the right moment to strike? But then why would she help Clary? and was she lying to her? I mean there wasn’t really much need for her to show the circle rune, and I was expecting her to turn into Valentine or something so I’m glad that didn’t happen. I’m looking forward to understanding what is going to happen next.

Star rating – 3/5

Favourite character of the episode – Simon

Favourite scene – Simon talking to Luke as a wolf

Favourite line ‘It’s Simon. The one you taught to shave. Go with the grain, right?’