I found this episode quite enjoyable, despite some things still needing a bit of work, it was good for a TV episode. I think that I still have a ‘book’ mind on and so the TV show will never live up to what I have in my head. But I think that the episode was really good and developed really well.

This episode opens with Cleophas going to see Valentine, which was obviously expected and we find out that Valentine has a man captive, later we learn that it is Ithuriel. I didn’t really like the way that was presented as I didn’t really see this ‘great’ angel as being a brittle old man and so I think it would’ve been better if he was a little younger but still it worked in the process of what needed to happen.

Next we go to Magnus and Alec and I just love their relationship. The fact they are travelling together and being all coupley is just so cute! I feel like their relationship is being very true to the books. The fact that Magnus was so moved by Alec’s gift was just sad and cute. I also love the central setting of the ‘Hunter’s moon’ bar as ‘THE’ place for downworlders to go.

I absolutely loved the scenes between Simon and Jace, when Jace was giving him dating advice. They played that part so well and it just resonated so much with the book that I was just smiling the whole way through. The fact Jace was just acting so arrogant and himself was just so funny and Simon’s awkwardness was just so true – arriving two hours early to his date. The only part I didn’t really like was when Jace shape-shifted into Simon as I just don’t like that rune concept but I can kinda see why the writers wanted to include it, it just didn’t work for me.

Another part I loved was the rooftop scene with Clary and Jace, as I just loved the way they had eachothers backs and were just fighting really well. When they both slashed the same guy at the back and front was just so symbolic! If you’ve read the books you’ll know why and it just made me really satisfied to see it! The downfall was the vision Ithuriel sent to Jace and Clary. It’s such a big moment in the books and so I felt this didn’t live up to what happened in the books.

Despite some parts being a little disappointing I still feel this was a really enjoyable episode and can’t wait for the next one. I’m interested to see how Izzy is doing with Yin Fen addiction and what trouble it’ll cause and this episode showed a different side to her than before due to her needing the Yin Fen.

Star rating – 3.5/5

Favourite character of the episode – Simon

Favourite scene – Simon and Jace scene in the bar

Favourite line – ‘Wait…Will you be my Obi wan?’ – Simon

‘Isn’t that what cops do, go under cover?’ ‘I didn’t realise you had a badge’ – Clary and Luke.