So glad that I finally managed to catch up with shadowhunters! I really enjoyed episode 9 but felt episode 8 wasn’t the best one.

Episode 8 – Love is a devil 

This episode centred on the part at Magnus’ for celebrating Max finally becoming a Shadowhunter. I felt this wasn’t one of the better episodes as it seemed rather prolonged and some parts were random.

We saw a first glimpse of ‘Climon’ and I’ve got to say I didn’t really like it – I mean they’re a cute couple but I think they make better friends, as they just are too close and knowing what happens in the books I just can’t see them as a good couple. When Simon was kissing Maya I knew that there was something wrong as I know he’d never betray Clary like that, especially as they’d just got together and he’d wanted to be with her.

One good thing about this episode was probably Magnus. He was just presented as the strong warlock from the books and they was he saved Alec was so cute! I feel like that scene was done so well, as we keep seeing the affect Jocelyn’s death had on Alec and his vulnerability to that weakness. Magnus and Alec’s relationship is just the best! The ending of the episode, where Maryse finally apologised to Jace and showing a gentler side to her character was really touching!

OMG that moment with Raphael and Izzy! I did not like it! I feel like that was not plausible as Izzy is stronger than begging to be bitten by a vampire as it’s very intimate and intrusive. It’ll be interesting how the writers develop their relationship. There’s not much else to say about this episode as I felt nothing else really stood out.

Star rating -3/5 stars

Favourite character of the episode -Magnus

Episode 9 – Bound by blood

I really enjoyed this episode as I felt it had more of a story to it. We open this episode with Clary and Simon making out in a canoe and when Jace walks in it just felt so awkward but entertaining as I love the half-hearted arguments between the two. We then learn that Clary had been cursed as she didn’t fulfil her blood oath to that female warlock, whose daughter was taken by Valentine. I really liked this concept throughout the episode, as it showed the way in which the characters had evolved into a group.

One thing that I didn’t like was the way in which Maya tried to kill Clary, as I felt this wasn’t they way her character would act. I get that she was doing it as she was scared of what would happen to the downworlders if the sword was activated, but I felt she wouldn’t try to kill someone, especially someone that close to people she cares about (Luke and Simon). It’ll be interesting to see where her character goes from here, as its clear she doesn’t feel she can trust Luke, like her choose Clary over her, whilst I see why he thought he had to. Maya’s much more of a stronger and nobler character in the books and so I think this part wasn’t necessarily true to her character.

I’m not too sure how to feel about this whole Raphael and Izzy thing. Some parts its kinda cute but then I’m like no, it’s just them being addicted to each other. I also hate how this Yin Fen thing has made Izzy such a different character and had made a rift between her and Alec, I just want her to no longer need it and be back to her normal awesome self!

In the ending, Clary is finally healed and portaled to Valentine. Which I felt was very predictable because Dot was teaching the little girl (can’t remember her name) magic and so knew she was gonna use it to get Clary. Simon and Jace then find Clary, which I felt was way too easy, the way she was just stood waiting. Simon attacks Valentine, bless him, and it overpowered. The fact that Clary and Jace just stood there as well was just so annoying as I felt they should’ve at least tried to help him rather than just watch Valentine take him. I’m looking forward to the next episode as I wanna see what happens with Simon and whether Izzy will finally try to get past her addiction.

Star rating -4/5 stars

Favourite character of the episode – Jace