Sorry for the late upload, have only just had the time to watch the mid-season finale of Shadowhunters! Really enjoyed this episode and it shows how far the programme has come from the first season.

Episode – 10 – By the light of dawn.

The episode opens with sirens going off within the institute in chaos, as Valentine is breaking in. We then see Madzie kill some shadowhunters with her weird gill power, which I felt seemed a little random. I feel quite sorry for Madzie as she’s just been dragged into the battle by Valentine but thinks he cares for her, when in fact he only needs her for her power. It was really cute how she saved Alec though, because he was kind to her before.

Next we see Simon being held by Valentine, who Face Times Clary saying he’ll kill Simon if she doesn’t come to the institute. I don’t know why but I just found it hilarious that he was Face Timing her rather than just phoning her but I guess she needed to see Simon physically. When Valentine slits Simon’s throat I was in shock because I completely forgot that it happens in the books, so I’m glad their keeping to some parts of the book. Also I think this episode was probably the only one where I was glad to see the shape shifting rune – when Jace uses it to pretend to be Clary and saves Simon – it was just a great moment because it resonated so much with the books and their little conversations were great.

The ending battle scene, where Jace activates the sword, was a bit of an anticlimax because all Valentine had to do was hold the sword up and I felt it was rather easy. The way that everyone was prepared for a huge fight and then it was over on like 2 seconds just felt rather disappointing. But then we go to really cute scenes, when Malec are reunited and have such a touching moment, it was just so well filmed and acted! I also loved the moment Simon realises he’s the daylighter and when he excitedly drags Clary into the sun and they have a really adorable moment! When Jace finds out that he isn’t Clary’s brother was a little unexpected because I felt it was rather soon, as I think it happens a little later in the books, but I’m looking forward to seeing how he’ll deal with it, as he didn’t tell Clary, and so he’ll probably struggle seeing her with Simon.

The episode ends with a dark figure walking off with the sword which has to be Sebastian right? because I can’t think of anyone else it could be. I’m looking forward to seeing where the writers are planning to go in the next half of the season!

Star rating – 4/5

Favourite character – Jace

Favourite line – ‘You know how you can thank me?…Shut up.’ – Jace.