The first thing to say about this book is that Sarah J Maas knows how to write! I absolutely loved this book just as much as I loved the others. Although I think the second book it still my favourite, this one is pretty close.

A court of wings and ruin opens with Feyre back at the spring court and how she’s trying to corrupt Tamlin’s plans. We follow her through her revenge plan and facing Hybern whilst trying to save her people and her family from the destruction that Hybern plans to inflict on Prythian. Maas captures every single detail in such an enticing and beautiful novel that I became obsessed with. Her words just seem to flow off the page, making them hard to put down.

In this book we discover a lot more about each of the characters which just adds to the more emotional scenes. The development between Feyre’s relationship and Rhysand was just so adorable and the love that Maas portrays makes the book more than just a fantastical adventure but a romantic battle for family. She just builds such loving characters and the friendships between them are those that many people envy; finding someone to trust completely. Although I did enjoy ACOWAR immensely there was something lacking as I feel that it was rather a very structured book rather than the twists and turns of the second novel, making it somewhat slower read.

One amazing part of this novel is the development of Feyre’s relationship with her sisters. Nesta and Elain struggle throughout this book to adapt to their newfound immortality and Maas is incredible in capturing their struggle and heartache about being forced into this ‘new world’. In this path there is unpredictability and danger that causes them to see their future and ultimately their sister in a new light, meaning they become a lot closer. Elain and Nesta also become more independent characters within this novel, especially Elain, which I think was a major character development within this book and it makes you feel much more empathetic towards her. Her immortality makes her much stronger and brave despite her still having human tendencies. Nesta’s relationship with Cassian in this book was so entertaining and one of my favourite parts, as I feel that Cassian enabled us to see a more vulnerable and kinder version of Nesta, making her a more likable or relatable character. I feel that the relationships within the novel was the strongest and most enjoyable aspect due to the uncertainty of how it would end. But one thing that was certain was the strength of Feyre and Rhysand’s love for not only each other but their people.

This was a very satisfying ending to the ACOTAR trilogy as it leaves a very satisfying ending but also leaves many ways in which other stories can develop, meaning that Maas can write more about this world and I look forward to seeing where the characters end up.

No. of pages – 720

Publication date – 2nd May 2017

Rating – 4/5 stars

Genre – Fantasy, Romance (mature content), adventure

Quote – “Remember that you are a wolf. And you cannot be caged.”