This book revolves around two witches named Safiya and Iseult. After a bad encounter with a Bloodwitch they are forced to flee their home and must hide from the vengeful and angry Bloodwitch. To make matters worse Safiya is a rare Truthwitch, which means people would use her for her power, meaning they cannot trust anyone. While running they face many dangers including a magical cantagion spreading across the kingdoms.

I absolutely loved this book. I have to admit it took me a couple of tries to actually get into the story line but once I was in I was completely hooked. One of the great things about this book, I feel, is the relationship between Safi and Iseult – it’s very much a sisterly bond between them which reflects well off the page. They are very close like siblings but also argue as sisters would. It was very enjoyable to watch their relationship develop and adapt to the situations they found themselves in. Dennard also includes such comical dialogue between the two characters that you can’t help but to laugh at; cracking jokes in dangerous situations as only sisters would.

Safi is very much the strong, dominant female protagonist within the book. She is extremely strong-headed and makes many rash decisions that put her in bad situations but she also shows a lot of passion and emotion in her protection and love for Iseult, making her a rather relatable character. Her developmental arc throughout is very well presented and I think as she’s a dominant character she becomes the favourite. Unlike Safi, Iseult is a much more shyer characters (revealed why later in the book), but I feel as if her character is then much stronger when she breaks from this to protect people. When she does ‘stand out’ and fight against those who wish to control her, I feel it was much more interesting to read from her perspective as she’s much more complex and therefore you become engrossed about learning her background.

Dennard changes perspective frequently throughout and at some moments it is annoying, as it will change at a really pivotal moment for the previous character, leaving you on a cliff hanger. I think though that this is the reason it’s such a brilliant read because you become so immersed in the characters and the world that you just ignore your surroundings. It’s definitely an easy one to become lost in and I found it a quick and highly satisfying read.

I think my favourite part would probably have to be the relationships. Having sisters myself I loved how this was the main driving force of the book; protecting your sister. But I also loved the romantic relationships as they were written so well and adorably. It’s one of those romances where they both try to deny it and I feel like that makes the tiny moments when they give in to their feelings that much better. I can’t wait to read the next book, Windwitch, to see how these character relationships develop or change.

I would recommend this to lovers of Sarah J Maas or any fantasy romance readers – I feel like this is a much more traditional fantasy with modern twists entwined within. But definitely pick this up!

No. of pages – 412

Publication date – 14th January, 2016

Rating – 5/5 stars

Quote – ‘It wasn’t freedom she wanted. It was belief in something – a prize big enough to run for and to fight for and to keep on reaching toward no matter what.’